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Kenny Jacobs, the chief marketing officer at budget Irish airline Ryanair took to social media to complain after his flight was delayed on Tuesday. No prizes for guessing what happened next!

Jacobs posted his message on LinkedIn, but it was reposted to the airlines main Twitter account and their 376,000 followers a short while later.

In the message, Jacobs complained about - “the EU’s inadequate handling of air traffic control shortages that has disrupted numerous air journeys across Europe in recent days.”

As you might have guessed, Jacobs received few words of sympathy regarding his plight. The majority of respondants on Twitter taking the opportunity to let Jacobs know about similar experiences they had had whilst traveling with Ryanair…


 “Poor Kenny Jacobs being delayed!! We were delayed 3 hours on our outbound flight 5 hours on our return flight! No food or drink given! Even though @Ryanair tweeted their own terms stating food and drink after 2 hours!!!”


“Try being on the FR908 Stansted to Cork yesterday delayed by 9 hours no information just keep your eyes on the board is what I was told .Some poor people some with young kids with long drives on the Cork end at 3.20 this morning. #Disgraceful”


The situation left Ryanair’s customer service team scrambling to respond to all of the complaints brought about by Jacobs amazing lack of self-awareness,

Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary had previously described Jacobs as marketing’s ‘bad boy’.

After cancelling 700,000 bookings last year, Jacobs was known to have congratulated himself in regards to the way he dealt with the resulting crisis that left 400,000 passengers having to rearrange their travel plans. He apparently referred to the incident as “no big deal”.

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