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Ryanair potentially facing flight delay compensation claims from 200,000 passengers | FairPlane UK / 10.08.2015

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Ryanair potentially facing flight delay compensation claims from 200,000 passengers | FairPlane UK image

A test Case is underway against Ryanair regarding flight delay compensation claims. It is thought that passengers could claim up to £610m if the decision goes against Ryanair. It relates to how far back in time passengers can make a claim.

The case is being heard in the Manchester Country Court. At the moment the law allows delayed flight compensation to be claimed for up to six years following a delayed flight. Ryanair have contested the case, the argument being that passengers should only get a two year window in which to claim. They have stated that passengers agree they would only have 2 years in which to claim compensation when they accept the terms and conditions on buying a Ryanair ticket and insist passengers waive their right to the six-year limitation.

If the decision goes against Ryanair, potentially they could face claims from more than 2,000,000 passengers.

The Flight delay Regulation entitles passengers to claim compensation of up to £440 each for a flight delay of three hours or more, so long as it was not caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’. A previous Supreme Court ruling confirmed that passengers in England and Wales have six years to make a claim for compensation. It has been reported that the latest case could stand to affect around £2.26 million passengers with a potential total of around £610m in compensation, this figure is based on the fact that on average 2% of flights are delayed.

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Unfortunately, Ryanair have refused to comment. The ruling is expected in 2 weeks and we wait in anticipation.

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