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Ryanair is to face legal action from flight delay compensation claim experts FairPlane UK.      

The registered law firm is accusing the budget airline of attempting to intimidate passengers who are looking to make claims against them for flight delays and cancellations.

The story has been reported exclusively in today’s Telegraph - Exclusive: Ryanair facing legal action over 'intimidating' passengers who try to claim compensation

Unlawful interference

Law firm Debenhams Ottaway, who are acting on behalf of FairPlane UK on this matter, have written to Ryanair asking for an apology and damages after they sent letters its customers attempting to persuade them to stop using the company to help them with their claims.

They have accused Ryanair of “defamation, harassment and unlawful interference”.

It would seem that Ryanair have been advising FairPlane’s customers that if they appear to have a valid claim, then they should make the claim themselves rather than employing FairPlane to make the claim on their behalf.

One of the many reasons that so many passengers request help from companies like FairPlane's in these matters is because Ryanair have historically been in the habit of rejecting or simply ignoring so many valid claims for compensation.

FairPlane director Daniel Morris said:

“They’re trying to disrupt the client’s relations with us. At this point, it’s a bit late [for Ryanair to offer compensation] because the client has already come to us,” he said. “In many cases the main reason Ryanair pays up is because we get involved.

“They reject the vast majority of claims, then the client comes to us and we write to the airline. We have a 94 per cent success rate in court proceedings. They’re not allowed to stop a person going to get legal representation.

“They know we force them to pay and if we get removed from that equation it saves them money.”

FairPlane’s figures show that it has been forced to issue legal proceedings against Ryanair on 45 per cent of claims, clearly indicating that they are far from willing to pay compensation to passengers with perfectly valid claims.

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