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Say Hello to Sandra | FairPlane UK / 14.10.2015

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Today we launch our Sandra Cares campaign ( We want to spread the word about Flight Delay Compensation and to make sure everyone who is entitled gets the money they are owed.

You will begin to see billboards appearing along various motorways and adverts in national newspapers. We aim to be the one-stop shop and go-to company for anyone who has a gripe with an airline about their flight cancellation or delay. We need you to spread the word, so please visit our Twitter and Facebook pages and share our message... "Don't take 'No' for an answer from the 'Goliath' airlines. Be a David and, with Sandra's help, fight back. Sandra is one of our brilliant team at FairPlane and knows all about the process of making Flight Delay Compensation claims.

Why should we simply accept having our holiday or trip ruined because an airline cancelled a flight for no good reason? Why should we put up with bad customer service or even get ignored when we try to contact the airlines ourselves. We all need a little help from someone who has the time and patience to listen to our story and the expertise to make the airlines pay what they owe!

Who cares? Sandra Cares

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