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We all know that it’s not polite to go around pointing these things out, but I’m sure that most of us have at one time or another, found ourselves sat next to someone on public transport who really could have done with taking a shower that morning or at least been a bit more liberal with their application of deodorant.

Not the most pleasant experience, but not an uncommon one either.

However, just spare a thought for the passengers aboard a Transavia flight from Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands to Gran Canaria in Spain last week.

The full facts around this story are a bit sketchy, so we don’t know at exactly what point in the journey passengers began to ‘sense’ that there was a problem.

An as yet, unidentified male passenger on board the flight apparently smelt so bad that he was causing his fellow travellers to throw-up and even faint as they suffered a sensory overloaded.

The situation was so bad that stewards were eventually forced to quarantine the man in the toilets and the plane was diverted to Faro in southern Portugal where he was finally removed from the flight.

Reports describe the smell as being “unbearable” and “like he hadn’t washed for several weeks”.

Official reports from the airline later confirmed that the plane had been forced to make an emergency stop in Portugal, but very diplomatically simply referred to the incident being due to "medical reasons".

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