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Stag-do Flights Cancelled | FairPlane UK / 09.03.2016

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Nightmare this one.

A group of 10 lads were booked to fly to Prague, 9 from Manchester and 1 from London. They were going to celebrate the final days of freedom before James got married.

Problem was, the flight from Manchester was cancelled due to a technical fault with the aircraft so the 9 mates had to spend the Friday night in Manchester. Not so for Mark though whose flight from London to Prague was bang on time! So whilst his mates (including the groom) spent a night in a Manchester hotel, Mark hit went out in Prague on his own and painted the town red.

Not the best start to a stag weekend however, the story ends happily...

The 9 mates caught the early morning flight from Manchester so met up with lonely Mark on Saturday, just in time for breakfast. He had had a lie into sleep off his hangover. The lads had a great time in the end even though it was a shorter trip than expected.

When they got back they contacted Fairplane. We were able to get the 9 friends €400 each in-flight delay compensation which strangely enough was about the total bar bill for their trip. Each!

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