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It’s not often we hear the phrase ‘zombie apocalypse’ mentioned in connection with flight claims, but that was the headline in today’s Mail Online.

To be more specific, this was the full headline…

Hundreds of furious holidaymakers miss their flights from Stansted after 'technical problems' hit security sparking chaotic scenes like a 'zombie apocalypse'

As you might have guessed the actual story was of a rather mundane nature than the Mail might have you believe at first glance.

The headline (taken from a tweet by a disgruntled passenger apparently) was a response to the chaos that was occurring at Stanstead airport this morning as holiday makers looking to escape these shores were left fuming as a “technical glitch” led to severe delays.

The site of hundreds of very annoyed holidaymakers wandering around Stanstead, not knowing quite where to vent their frustration, was the inspiration for the comments made on social media.

The glitch was one that occurred in the airports X-ray machines apparently

A spokesman for the airport later confirmed the x-ray machines as the source of the hold ups, explaining that the result of the problem had ben to greatly reduce the processing of passengers.

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