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Survey Reveals the Best Airports in Which to Spend Time If you Suffer a Delayed Flight | FairPlane image

The thought of being left stranded in an airport due to a flight cancellation or severe flight delay fills most passengers with dread.
However, you may change your mind and actually welcome a flight delay if you visit certain international airports. That is because there are some airports which are pulling out all the stops to make any flight delays or cancellations actually fun. They are laying on swimming pools, golf courses, cinemas and even surfing machines!

Inceheon International Airport in South Korea has spent millions so that any passengers suffering a flight delay or cancellation can while away the time having fun. They have built two cinemas, an 18 hole putting golf course and 7 gardens where you can take a leisurely stroll. Oh yes, and don’t forget the ice-skating rink.
Munich Airport is offering delayed passengers a chance to have a quick surf before their flight. It has built one of the world’s biggest standing artificial waves!

Singapore’s Changi Airport has decided that the way to calm passengers who have experienced delayed flights or cancelled flights is to wow them with stunning indoor gardens. Eleven gardeners are employed full time to maintain over half a million plants, waterfalls and even ponds containing koi carp.
Alternatively (and this is the best thing we think), you can use The Slide in terminal 3. It is the world’s tallest airport slide. You get one ride for every $10 spent in the airport.

Why not sit back and gaze at the 20,000 gallon fish tank at Vancouver Airport. The tank contains over 5000 fish and other exotic marine life.
If gambling is your thing, McCarran Airport servicing Las Vegas contains over 1,200 slot machines. You can lose all of your money whilst waiting for your delayed flight, or maybe win enough to upgrade to business class!
All of these weird and wonderful ideas have been thought up to improve facilities for the growing number of passengers suffering long flight delays. With the rapidly increasing passenger numbers world-wide, airports will no doubt continue to think of ways to keep passengers amused.

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