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Top 5 Destinations with the Worst Flight Delays | FairPlane UK / 23.11.2015

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Top 5 Destinations with the Worst Flight Delays | FairPlane UK image

When flying from the UK, which are the worst 5 cities to fly to in terms of most flights delayed or cancelled? Well here you go:

1. Nice - 64% of all flights to Nice were delayed or cancelled

1. Istanbul - Joint worst with Nice at 64% of flights delayed or cancelled

3. Porto - coming a close third with 62%

4. Lisbon - also close with 61% of flights delayed or cancelled

4. Cairo - joint 4th with Lisbon with 61% delayed or cancelled

In terms of countries, flights to Portugal are by far the worst on average when it comes to flight delays or cancellations with 51% from the UK being affected. This is way ahead of France with 45% although France is a surprise. They are our closest neighbours so you would have thought the close distance would mean fewer problems! Spain is next with 37%, then Turkey 33%, Egypt 19% and Greece with just 14%.

So there you have it.  Don't go to France or, if you do, go by Ferry.

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