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Which airlines are the best and worst payers of Flight Delay Compensation | FairPlane UK / 14.12.2015

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Which airlines are the best and worst payers of Flight Delay Compensation | FairPlane UK image

We have put together a handy guide of our experience when dealing with the major airlines serving the UK and how they handle flight delay compensation claims.

Some of the airlines started off badly but have improved as our procedures in corresponding with them have forced them to become more efficient. One such example is the Tour Operator, Thomsons. Initially, Thomsons ignored our letters and so we were forced to commence legal proceedings against them on numerous occasions. After the umpteenth court claim was filed, we received a call from their legal department asking for us to put a streamlined procedure in place when submitting flight delay compensation claims to them. We now send them a list and they respond promptly within 14 days.

Other airlines are not so accommodating. Ryanair (no surprises there) are notoriously bad and simply deny every claim and refuse to pay the delayed flight compensation which is owed. We have issued numerous legal proceedings against them and, it is only then that they take notice and reply or pay the flight compensation owed.

You can read our summary of how airlines respond to flight delay compensation claims here.

So can you as a passenger make your own claim against the likes of Thomson or Ryanair? Well yes but don't expect them to reply to you as they do to us!

The problem for a passenger is that you unlikely to know all of the law regarding flight delay compensation and you won't know how to issue legal proceedings against the airline if they don't pay. We can do this for you and have the clout to ensure you are not ignored.

If you have been turned down for flight delay compensation by any of the airlines then contact us. We often find that airlines have wrongly refused to pay passengers the flight compensation payments they are owed and passengers have simply accepted this. Checking your potential claim with us will ensure you get the right answer, not the one the airlines want you to hear.

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