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The real question is not who claims but who doesn’t claim for flight delay compensation. Industry figures show that the most who have ever claimed their rightful flight delay compensation is just 10% of passengers on board a delayed flight!

A good example is flight number TG911 to Bangkok on 3rd April 2015. This was a cancelled flight by Thai Airways due to a problem with an engine. Despite one of our representatives being on board and advising people of their rights, only 10% of the 350 on board made a claim.

So an amazing 90% i.e. 315 passengers have failed to claim their entitlement of flight delay compensation of €600 from Thai Air. That’s a whopping €189,000 which Thai Air haven’t had to pay out so extra profit for them!

Why is it that people don’t claim their legal right to Flight Delay Compensation? Well, our studies show that it is because passengers try to make the claim themselves but are then put off by the airline’s tactics or reply. Often the airlines will tell passengers that they are not allowed to make a claim for flight delay compensation because, for example, a technical issue with the aircraft is an ‘exceptional circumstance’ permitted by the EU rules. This is not true but passengers don’t know this?

Our figures also indicate that passengers are put off making claims for flight delay compensation because they think it is a complicated process involving much of their time. Some even think that they may have to pay legal costs or even go to court! The good news is that none of this is correct. Our systems and expertise mean passengers only need to supply us with some basic details and proof of their delayed flight. They can then simply sit back whilst we do all the work for them, safe I the knowledge that we, as solicitors, will always act in their best interests and will only charge a percentage of the flight delay compensation if we win. If we don’t win, our clients never pay us a penny.

If you’ve had a problem with a delayed flight and you think you may be entitled to flight delay compensation, why not try putting your flight details into our compensation calculator. It only takes a minute and you may be entitled to compensation of up to €600.

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