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Will leaving the EU Affect Flight Delay Compensation Claims? | FairPlane UK image

With David Cameron set to announce a June date for the referendum on whether the UK should stay in or leave the European Union, one of the questions people should ask is, 'which EU rules actually benefit us?'

Well, one of the regulations is the Delayed Flight Compensation rule which enable passengers travelling in the EU to claim up to €600 if their flight is delayed for 3 hours or more or cancelled. What will happen if the UK leaves the European Union? Well, fundamentally any EU regulations will no longer apply and so the consumer protection given by the Delayed Flight rules will not be able to be used by UK based passengers.

Will this therefore be the end of this protection?


First, we will not be leaving the EU immediately. It will take several years to exit the European Union and a lot of work to unravel legislation. Some EU legislation may then be adopted by the UK in any event i.e. the sensible regulations which benefit us.

Will the UK Government create its own Delayed Flight Compensation laws? Well, depends on which Government is in power at the time. Our view is, if the Conservatives are in power when we leave then it is unlikely they will want to upset the airlines however, if Labour are in power then they may adopt the same flight delay compensation rules as currently exist in the EU.

So should we leave the EU? Well, most of us are holidaymakers and travel regularly to Europe. We think that travel to Europe will become more difficult and more expensive if the UK were to exit the EU. We also think that the protection which the current EU Delayed Flight Compensation regulations afford will no longer apply and so airlines won't worry so much about being on time. Passengers will suffer so our view is we should vote to stay in the EU.

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