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The fight for the UK's next runway between Heathrow and Gatwick heats up | FairPlane UK image

Both Gatwick and Heathrow have reported record passenger numbers for the month of June. Gatwick have reported an increase of 5% - 3.8 million passengers and Heathrow stated that they handled 6.68 million passengers – 1.1% more than June 2014. According to both airports this further supports their individual cases for the additional runway. Heathrow also saw a record number of aircraft landing and taking off in the month – 40,626 flights in total. Gatwick came back with reports of achieving its 28th consecutive month of passenger growth with more aircraft movements per hour, giving a total of 24,541.

In an apparent attempt to ease to concerns over the increase in noise from the proposed new runway, a spokesperson for Heathrow credited its increase to more flights using ‘larger, quieter aircraft’

The CEO’s for both airports have released statements designed to illustrate why they should be the ones to get the new runway:

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye’s take on the matter is ‘On the first of July, the Airports Commission ended the debate on where a new runway should be built by unanimously recommending Heathrow’s new expansion plan.

‘It’s now a binary choice for the British Government. We either expand Heathrow – creating jobs, growth, a rebalanced economy and lucrative export routes – or we do nothing and retreat as a nation.

‘The answer is obvious, so let’s get on with it.’

It is a matter of record that Gatwick has dismissed the Airports Commission's report declaring it flawed as it was based on out of date information.

Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate stated: ‘Gatwick remains the best option for expansion as it can cater for all airline types flying to all types of destination – this is clearly illustrated by the growth in the numbers of passengers choosing long haul services at Gatwick.

‘We will continue to engage actively with government at all levels to show why Gatwick expansion is the only means by which we can sustain the low cost revolution that has driven aviation growth over the last two decades, and the only choice which can actually deliver the aviation capacity that the UK desperately needs.'

Given that this story is set to run for quite some time to come, lets hope that emphasis remains on ensuring that flight delays and cancellations are managed well with as little impact on passengers as possible.

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